Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy eat till u puke day!!

Happy thanksgiving party people!

I cant help but love this holiday, just good food good company and none of the b.s. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I have a good job, although it is pissing me off right now, I have a awesome boy friend and I lost weight this year! I used to weigh about 200 but now I'm down to 175, I don't have my college 6-pack back yet, but I'm working on it! That just made me sound kinda shallow...I'm thankful I lost weight? I'm really not that shallow, but I am thankful for it hahaha.

My favorite thing to eat on thanksgiving is the stuffing! My family makes incredible stuffing, its pretty basic stuff. There is Bread, onions, celery, SAUSAGE, and other things that make it yummy. Like how I wrote sausage in all caps...I love sausage in ALL its many forms. Lol ok I'm done.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Clouds between my toes

Below is a small poem I wrote about my boyfriend when we were first dating. I just found it today and thought it was kinda cute so I'm going to post it. Its short and I wrote it in 5 minutes.

Musky Scents linger
Wafting romance and nervous smiles
To a memory slide show
The cleanest of dirt smeared
on the tightest of tide sheets
And your forever minty breath
It wiggles my insides
Giggles my outsides
You make me feel like a shiny pink balloon

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Death's Welcome

Your name is written on a frosted forgotten window
Love weathered finger prints trace frail memories.
There was a Gentleman in crisp midnight black
massaging whispers of comfort
into your reluctant Writhing body
his kiss was given flight while you turned to watch it soar.
sleeping only in other peoples shadows
lip syncing other dreamers dreams
Your branded with a tattoo from a magazine
A purple jester mocking your lack of imagination.
Waltzing now away from regret
gleaming silver penny Loafers glide over a glass bottom ball room
looking down your time line dares you to lock eyes
instead you twirl with a indifferent stranger
His face a hollow chiseled fantasy
fading away like you gained form.
Meek mouth less children tug at your baby blue flannel shirt
Seeking to guide you down a dark descending staircase
You kiss a wish into the frosted window
Then slide your finger over a already forgotten name
erasing an existence that never existed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day...get in the fetal position under your desk.

So the time has come for the people of this great country to make there voice heard once again. I have voted sense I was 18 in 1996 and have not missed an election sense. In that time I have not felt the magnitude and importance of an election like I do feel about this one. I am sure I don't need to tell anyone our country is in a very precarious position right now. I just hope whoever is elected our next commander and chief will be someone who can take on the large task at hand and make us as a people feel proud to be Americans.

I hate to say your vote doesn't matter because of course it does, its your voice, its your input into how our country is shaped and run. Now saying that, it doesn't matter who I vote for for president because California always goes blue anyways, lol, but I did vote. The biggest issue on the ballet for me was prop 8. Living in conservative orange county and having to see yes on 8 stickers everywhere from neighbors lawns, to the back of cars, to bigots standing on the side of the street can make you start to feel like the whole world is against you. When I feel this way I try to remind myself that these people are ignorant and what they think doesn't matter to me, but when there vote affects me in such a monumental way it scares me. I try not to underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

That does remind me of a story. A week and a half ago I went to look for cars with my boyfriend, my first choice is a passat so we went to the Irvine auto center and to the vw dealership. We meet a really nice, informative sales person there who told me all about the car and took us on a test drive. Me and my boyfriend fast became on friendly terms with this man. We joked around and they made fun of my fast driving, I LOVE to drive fast. When we got back to the dealership I informed him I needed to look around alittle more before I made up my mind about what car I did want to purchase. As I was explaining this to him I happened to catch a cute little convertible jetta out of the corner of my eye and asked about the car. He told me how that's not the car I want only gay guys and chicks drive those cars, then he went on to make a "gay" accent and tell a story about how a gay man bought one of those cars with his mother from him a few weeks prior. I was stunned. He obviously had no idea me and my boyfriend where together and that we where gay. I was of course offended but didn't let this jackass know. I did think it was funny though he befriended us in such a short period of time and let his guard down. Would he of if he knew we where gay? Why would he consider it appropriate to make bigoted jokes with two people he just meet 45 minutes ago? Would he make black jokes like that? No I don't think so. Ok that is my rant about that, this topic is getting rather long so I will stop now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kings of Leon

The new kings of leon album, in a word is AMAZING!

"Only by the night" I feel is going to be one of those albums that defines what alternative rock music should be and is capable off. Like most people who are listening to this album right now I was drawn in by the first single off the album "sex on fire". I first heard this song on a really cool show that used to be on 98.7 called the adventure club. It was on sunday nights and played new alternative music and some really good under ground stuff as well. I used to listen too it on the way home from my boyfriends house and I miss the show very much, I hope they bring it back. I loved the song from the get go, the hook and powerful vocals grab you, plus I mean the song is called sex on fire...SEX ON FIRE. Don't you want to go outside and scream SEX ON FIRE as loud as you can right now, you can, go, ill be here when you get back.

The rest of the album is really as amazing as this single and I highly suggest it. "Closer", the first song on the album, has a really haunting melody and draws you in, its perfect to listen too while taking a walk on a cold cloudy day. My other favorite would have to be "use somebody". Its an emotional, heartfelt song that I feel in love with right away and would be my pick for the next big hit off this album.

The music industry has changed through the years and its not as easy as it once was to find the good music out there, considering what the radio and tv play is mostly commercial garbage. So when a great band like this comes along and has some success we need to support them so hopefully they influence up and coming musicians instead of like the Jonas brothers influencing up and coming musicians...I just threw up in my mouth alittle.

Yay blog number 2 done, my cherry is burst, I better watch myself or ill turn into a blogging slut.

My first gentle

After complaining how bored I am at work to an old friend over email she suggested that I try blogging. I love to write and well I think I'm pretty awesome(just kidding...sort of) so here I am blogging.

A little about me sense well some people might read this stuff that don't know me that well. My name is Archibald...Just kidding yeah my name is Steve, you probably already figured that out and well if you didn't then you probably don't want to read stuff I write cause I have a low tolerance for stupid people. I am 31, I live in orange county California and have lived here my hole life. I am white, like really really white, I make Nicole Kidman look like Whopi Goldberg...ok so I'm not that white but you get the idea. I am gay and in the "process" of coming out. That means that some people know that I'm gay and some people don't. I am not "obvious" although some people have come to that conclusion about me without me telling them, I chalk that up to amazing gay day, and well I'm man pretty...just kidding sort of again. I am sure if you read my blog you will learn more about me, I'm not letting it all out right now, what fun is that right?

Stay tuned for rants and raves and ramblings...probably some more alliteration too sense as you can see I like that.