Monday, November 10, 2008

Clouds between my toes

Below is a small poem I wrote about my boyfriend when we were first dating. I just found it today and thought it was kinda cute so I'm going to post it. Its short and I wrote it in 5 minutes.

Musky Scents linger
Wafting romance and nervous smiles
To a memory slide show
The cleanest of dirt smeared
on the tightest of tide sheets
And your forever minty breath
It wiggles my insides
Giggles my outsides
You make me feel like a shiny pink balloon


Greg said...


Very cute.

Steve's streaming thoughts said...

haha thank you.

I tend to either write about love or death...I think I just find those topics always on my mind.

MartininBroda said...

OK it's really cute, but today it's November 20. You are not a lazy blogger aren't you.

Steve's streaming thoughts said...

lol im not trying to be a "lazy blogger." my work is super crazy right now when it settles down I will write more, pinky promise.

ZP said...

"wiggles my insides, giggles my outside." Nice! Easily my favorite part.