Monday, November 3, 2008

Kings of Leon

The new kings of leon album, in a word is AMAZING!

"Only by the night" I feel is going to be one of those albums that defines what alternative rock music should be and is capable off. Like most people who are listening to this album right now I was drawn in by the first single off the album "sex on fire". I first heard this song on a really cool show that used to be on 98.7 called the adventure club. It was on sunday nights and played new alternative music and some really good under ground stuff as well. I used to listen too it on the way home from my boyfriends house and I miss the show very much, I hope they bring it back. I loved the song from the get go, the hook and powerful vocals grab you, plus I mean the song is called sex on fire...SEX ON FIRE. Don't you want to go outside and scream SEX ON FIRE as loud as you can right now, you can, go, ill be here when you get back.

The rest of the album is really as amazing as this single and I highly suggest it. "Closer", the first song on the album, has a really haunting melody and draws you in, its perfect to listen too while taking a walk on a cold cloudy day. My other favorite would have to be "use somebody". Its an emotional, heartfelt song that I feel in love with right away and would be my pick for the next big hit off this album.

The music industry has changed through the years and its not as easy as it once was to find the good music out there, considering what the radio and tv play is mostly commercial garbage. So when a great band like this comes along and has some success we need to support them so hopefully they influence up and coming musicians instead of like the Jonas brothers influencing up and coming musicians...I just threw up in my mouth alittle.

Yay blog number 2 done, my cherry is burst, I better watch myself or ill turn into a blogging slut.

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