Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day...get in the fetal position under your desk.

So the time has come for the people of this great country to make there voice heard once again. I have voted sense I was 18 in 1996 and have not missed an election sense. In that time I have not felt the magnitude and importance of an election like I do feel about this one. I am sure I don't need to tell anyone our country is in a very precarious position right now. I just hope whoever is elected our next commander and chief will be someone who can take on the large task at hand and make us as a people feel proud to be Americans.

I hate to say your vote doesn't matter because of course it does, its your voice, its your input into how our country is shaped and run. Now saying that, it doesn't matter who I vote for for president because California always goes blue anyways, lol, but I did vote. The biggest issue on the ballet for me was prop 8. Living in conservative orange county and having to see yes on 8 stickers everywhere from neighbors lawns, to the back of cars, to bigots standing on the side of the street can make you start to feel like the whole world is against you. When I feel this way I try to remind myself that these people are ignorant and what they think doesn't matter to me, but when there vote affects me in such a monumental way it scares me. I try not to underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

That does remind me of a story. A week and a half ago I went to look for cars with my boyfriend, my first choice is a passat so we went to the Irvine auto center and to the vw dealership. We meet a really nice, informative sales person there who told me all about the car and took us on a test drive. Me and my boyfriend fast became on friendly terms with this man. We joked around and they made fun of my fast driving, I LOVE to drive fast. When we got back to the dealership I informed him I needed to look around alittle more before I made up my mind about what car I did want to purchase. As I was explaining this to him I happened to catch a cute little convertible jetta out of the corner of my eye and asked about the car. He told me how that's not the car I want only gay guys and chicks drive those cars, then he went on to make a "gay" accent and tell a story about how a gay man bought one of those cars with his mother from him a few weeks prior. I was stunned. He obviously had no idea me and my boyfriend where together and that we where gay. I was of course offended but didn't let this jackass know. I did think it was funny though he befriended us in such a short period of time and let his guard down. Would he of if he knew we where gay? Why would he consider it appropriate to make bigoted jokes with two people he just meet 45 minutes ago? Would he make black jokes like that? No I don't think so. Ok that is my rant about that, this topic is getting rather long so I will stop now.


The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Hey Steve. Don't let the biggots get you down. Just sick the cat on em! LOL. Arrrr....yeow...

Steve's streaming thoughts said...

Hey there :)

Yeah living in conservative orange county you would think by now I would be used to the biggots. Oh well we lost the battle with 8 but we will win the war...eventually.